Open Source Cloud & Mobile App
Development Platform

Ivory is a open source and mobile app development platform
that accelerates the development of complex Blockchain and AI products.

Built by developers with over 100 B2B products, Ivory aims to significantly reduce costs and time to market
for digital products. Ivory aims to provide developers build-ready "Pods" or modules, filled with features that
are required, but don't bring value, allowing developers to focus on value-creating features.

Serverless microservices based architecture

Highly opinionated architecture based on microservices and serverless - composition of AWS services - Dynamo, etc.

Speed is a first class citizen

Engineered for speed - most request have single digit millisecond response times. Graphql API interfaces. Global multi location active-active deployment. Using advanced functionality of AWS cloud like Lambda at Edge.

Machine Learning ready

Event bus - saves all internal events to dynaomodb data lake. Event log - reconstruct object state. Easily add ML in future.

Secure & GDPR compliant

Fully encryption in transit and at rest. Advanced user permission. Data location option - EU users have their data located in EU. Export all data. Data retention policies. Independent security review by XXX.

Blockchain Enabled

Ivory aims to accelerate the development of a typical Blockchain MVP by a factor of 10x. Ivory has native support for Blockchain and significantly accelerates Blockchain development in 3 areas:
1) Devops
2) Solidity contract development
3) Monitoring

Zero DevOps

Continous deployment build pipeline. Fully based on serverless so need for devops is reduced to minimum. Take every code change to production with a simple "git push". Enable features for users gradually with feature flagging.

High quality

All our pods have unit tests and automated acceptance tests. Testing automation is fully integrated in our build pipeline.

Ready Made Pods

Tens of ready made like user management, multi-language localisation, transaction emails, etc. All pods have web & mobile UI built with REact and Native React; most pods have admin interfaces.

Open Source Community

Ivory is open and free for commercial use. We believe that by providing a good product which addresses the needs of product developers today with a world class architecture and advanced ready built functionalities we will be able to convince them to contribute to this project.


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