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Build fast scalable apps
with our team

We create digital experiences for corporate innovation groups and startups.

Our team will build upon Ivory to create a modern and scalable app in just a few weeks. The auxiliary features such as UserLogin, UserManagement and other necessary features come for free. Our focus will be on features that create value for your users.

Meet our talented dev team.

These heroes implemented more than 100 projects in the last few years,
some of which you may use right now.


Give us some hints about your needs, the timeline in which you need it
from our team and we’ll get back to you very quick.

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Why should I work with you instead of hiring my own team?
Since your business is at the beginning, it’s best to start with someone who has done this dozens of times before. We’ll help you get market validation before you need to look for the right people.
How will we work when we are not in the same office?
We’ll have daily calls to ensure that your project is on track and other updates will be sent via email at least twice a week. You’re also in charge of reviewing our work at the end of every milestone.
What if it will take more than the planned time?
Our offers are fixed budget. If you are involved, participate in Skype calls & team meetings, provide constant feedback and still, your project takes more than the agreed time frame, we will support all the consequences of going over budget.
Who can help me develop the app once I have the Design Prototype?
The nice thing about our Design & Prototyping Sprints is that the end result is ready for development. You can develop it with whom you’ll find fit (hire experts, work with external providers, etc.). FYI - we’ve delivered over 60 development projects.
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